Hoa Binh Hilltop Golf Club Invests in E-Z-GO RXV®
Hoa Binh Hilltop Golf Club Invests in E-Z-GO RXV®
News Source:  Release date:2018/10/12 14:27:20

The Hoa Binh Hilltop Golf Club in Vietnam has purchased 80 E-Z-GO RXV Freedom Golf Cars recently. Local dealer Sportsturfsolution Co., Ltd made the delivery.

Hoa Binh Hilltop Golf Club belongs to Geleximco Group in Vietnam. This is a newly constructed golf course with planning of 27 holes. The first 9 holes has been completed and plan to launch softly in November of 2018. The second 9 holes are under construction, while the third 9 holes are planned.
As mentioned by Adam Robertson, General Manager of Hoa Binh Hilltop, and Cecil Johnston, Superintendent of Hoa Binh Hilltop, they have tried other golf cars, but the hill climbing capability of E-Z-GO vehicles was the best with their AC motor.

For more than eight years, E-Z-GO’s RXV® golf car has delivered unrivaled performance for golf facilities around the globe. By using an innovative AC motor and IntelliBrake System, the RXV is more efficient, easier to use and provides better value than other vehicles.

RXV has been proven to generate increased energy efficiency, longer run time between charges and more hill-climbing power. AC, or alternating current, delivers power more efficiently and faster than direct current, or DC, because of the way it is transmitted. This makes AC vehicles efficient and powerful, all while using less energy.

Next step, Sportsturfsolution is propsiing TFM (Textron Fleet Management) solution which one feature they like can restrict the speed for our cars at steep down hill zone.